Chick Flick Wednesday - The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants



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House Opens at 6:30
for Cocktail Social.

Film Starts 7:30

The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants
Wednesday ONLY!  October 21  7:30 | Cocktail Social starts 6:30
Starring Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bledel & America Ferrera


It's Chick Flick Wednesday at The Strand!  Join us for a cocktail social starting at 6:30pm, followed by a great 'Chick Flick' at 7:30pm



Presented by YOUR OWN RETIREMENT, The Strand is excited to see Chick Flick Wednesday return for the Fall for this stellar Comedy/Drama about four best friends that hatch a plan to stay connected with one another as their lives start off in different directions: they pass around a pair of secondhand jeans that fits each of their bodies perfectly.


This is the 15th anniversary of the release of this film.


It's also Blake Lively's film debut, and while her character was the oldest (by a few days), in reality she was a few years younger than her co-stars at 16. But that didn't keep her or her colleagues from becoming fast friends during filming. In fact, Blake announced that all three were named 'unofficial' Godmothers of her daughter, James.


The Pants Manifesto scene (at Gilda's) was filmed by placing the camera on a 360-degree dolly track around the girls. However it was virtually impossible for the camera to complete the circle around them without its own shadow being visible at some point in the scene (as the camera passed in front of the lights). Luckily, the visual effects people came to the rescue and "erased" the shadow from the shot.


The scene where Tibby and Bailey lie out in the park staring up at the sky full of stars and talking about life and death was shot inside on a soundstage. Parts of the movie was shot in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and shooting on the soundstage saved the actors and crew from having to work outside in the cold Canadian night. The scene where Lena is trapped underwater was filmed in a tank on the same set.


Wednesday ONLY, October 21   7:30pm

2005  Rated PG | Runtime 1 hours 59 min