Generational Sins




$6 All Seats

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Box Office Opens 1 Hour before Showtime

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Doors Open 6:30pm

for Red Carpet Premiere and Meet & Greet with Director & Stars

Generational Sins
October 6 & 7 ONLY!  3 Shows!
Starring Daniel MacPherson, Dax Spanogle & Barrett Donner

The Strand is proud to be a part of this NATIONWIDE RELASE AND RED CARPET PREMIERE of this gritty and dramatic independent feature film.

FRIDAY ONLY!  Attend the Red Carpet Premiere of Generational Sins and meet the director and stars from the film!

Director and Producer Spencer T. Folmar says, "I had a chance to visit The Strand and I was instantly impressed with its state of the art and historic ambiance. It is a real honor to watch the movie with the whole nation from the greater Pittsburgh area. This movie is a very uniquely Pennsylvanian story so it is right for me to remain in the state during opening weekend."


The doors at The Strand will open for the event starting at 6:30 PM on Friday, October 6th and the opening remarks and show should begin at 7:30 PM. Many of the lead stars and the director will be in attendance from Hollywood, California.

Two estranged brothers are brought together by the death of their mother, whose dying wish it to see them return to their birthplace and reunite with their abusive, alcoholic father. The brothers set out on an emotional journey that leads them to their hometown, suffocating with the darkness of memories the younger brother can’t remember as the older wants nothing more than to forget.

DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT: Generational Sins is a powerful and emotional drama about family history and the inevitable task of facing your past. This is not an easy topic for most people to discuss. Our closets are full of skeletons that have been there for decades... maybe even centuries. There has to be some impetus for change in the bloodline to create a shift from darkness to light. This film aims to illuminate this difficult process in a very real, gritty, winsome, and original way. In crafting and refining the story, I initially wanted this film to have heart and to speak objective truth.  Unfortunately, most films that characterize themselves this way do not portray a true to life setting. Our film speaks truth, in an excellently made product, in a real world scenario, with realistic characters and plot lines. This film is one of a kind, and we would love for you to experience this journey. - Spencer T Folmar, Director

Generational Sins may be categorized as a faith-based film, but deals with real life topics in a very frank, gritty and sometimes frightening way.  The film is rated PG-13 for strong language, adult situations and some intense sequences.

2017 Rated PG-13 |  Runtime 1 Hour 30 minutes

Friday & Saturday, October 6 & 7  7:30pm
Friday, Red Carpet Premiere:  Doors Open 6:30
Saturday Matinee, October 7  2:00pm