Night of the Living Dead



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 Box Office Opens at 8:00pm


House Opens at 8:30pm


Cast & Crew on Stage for Commentary & Q&A at 9:00pm


Film Begins at 9:30pm

Night of the Living Dead
Saturday ONLY! September 28   9:00pm
Starring Duane Jones, Judity O'Dea & Karl Hardman


In partnership with the Living Dead Weedkend festival in Evans City, The Strand proudly presents the George Romero horror classic that redefined the genre, including celebrity guest appearances by original members of the cast & crew.


Now, thanks to the original camera negative, which has been carefully guarded for many years by the films original producers in Pittsburgh, Image Ten. A restoration was overseen by George A. Romero and Image Ten—most especially, Gary Streiner, Russ Streiner, and John Russo— with restoration work done by Cineric Inc, NYC, and Audio Mechanics, Burbank, CA. DCP.MoMA and The Film Foundation have returned the film to its full, original glory.

Scheduled cast appearances include: Russ Streiner, John Russo, Carol Wayne.

8:00pm - Box Office Opens
8:30pm - Doors to Auditorium Open
9:00pm - Cast & Crew on Stage for Commentary & Q&A
9:30pm - Film begins

A ragtag group of strangers barricade themselves in an old farmhouse to remain safe from a bloodthirsty, flesh-eating corpses that have mysteriously returned to life, and begin ravaging communities wherever they appear.

This is one of the most successful independent movies ever made. Made for $114,000 (equivalent to $798,000 in 2017), it grossed approximately $30 million (equivalent to $210 million in 2017) - over 263 times its budget.

The house used for this film was loaned to the filmmakers by the owner who planned to demolish it anyway, When the production came across the farmhouse location, Romero jokingly stated 'Well, we can do that for you,' The production had to completely clean the farmhouse up to make it appear livable. Russo notes the kitchen was the first room they cleaned, as they felt a clean place to have lunch was the most important factor to having a workable set.

The main house did not have a true basement but a dirt potter's cellar, and thus had no long staircase leading down to it. As a result, the basement scenes were filmed in the editing studio's cellar in downtown Pittsburgh.

Saturday Only! September 28 9:00pm

1968 Unrated | Runtime 1 hour 36 minutes

$10 All Seats | No Passes or Discounts Accepted