To Kill A Mockingbird



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To Kill A Mockingbird
Friday ONLY! August 17
Starring Gregory Peck


Atticus Finch (Peck), a lawyer in the Depression-era South, defends a black man against an undeserved rape charge, and his children against prejudice.

Experience the film that's become required reading (and screening) at schools across the nation, back on the Big Screen for one night only!

After being offered the role of Atticus Finch, Gregory Peck quickly read Harper Lee's novel in one sitting and called director Robert Mulligan immediately afterwards to say that he would gladly play it.  Of course, Peck went on to win the Best Actor Oscar for his stirring performance.

The first scene that
Peck shot showed him returning home from his character's law office while his children ran to greet him. Harper Lee was a guest on the set that day, and Peck noticed her crying after the scene was filmed. He asked Lee why she was crying, and she responded that Peck had looked just like her late father, the model for Atticus. Lee explained that Peck even had a little round stomach like her father's. "That's not a pot belly, Harper," Peck told her, "That's great acting".

Despite the novel winning the Pulitzer Prize, studios were not interested in securing the film rights, since they felt that it lacked action and romance (with the absence of a love story), and that the villain does not get a big comeuppance.

regory Peck
's summation speech, which runs for 6 minutes and 30 seconds, was nailed in a single take.

Friday, August 17 at 7:30pm

1962 Unrated | Runtime 2 hours 9 minutes