The Willis Clan Rises Like A Phoenix For Their Reunion Tour



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The Willis Clan
Sunday ONLY!  October 7   2 Shows!   3pm & 7pm
The Willis Siblings Rise Like a Phoenix After Overcoming a Family Trauma  


When 12 brothers and sisters from Tennessee auditioned on Season 9 of America's Got Talent by singing an Appalachian-infused version of My Favorite Things, the judges weren't the only ones who fell in love. The Willis Clan wowed millions of new fans with their music and original sound.  A reality TV series on TLC soon followed, and the Willis Family seemed poised to become America's beloved version of 'The Von Trapps' from The Sound of Music.

Then tragedy struck.


The family's patriarch, Toby Willis, was arrested for sexually assaulting his own daughters.  It was a tragedy that tore the very fabric of the family and shredded the wholesome image held by millions of fans.  No one knew what would happen in the midst of such terrible turmoil.


Several months passed, but finally, the family opened up in an exclusive interview with the UK's Daily Mail TV as a means of setting the record straight, and coming to terms with the ordeal.  'It was like a black presence in our lives,' the children admitted, telling of the suffering that they endured, but have now overcome, and are making music again.


They told of the role that faith and music continues to play in their determination not to let the situation define them as they prepare to return to the public stage with the release their new single, Speak My Mind, ahead of a new tour.


Eldest daughter, Jessica, 25, wrote the new song, though it is 23-year-old Jennifer who takes lead vocals.  Jennifer explained: 'When I heard the song I was like, 'That is exactly what I've been trying to say. That's exactly what I've been going through.'

Members of the Willis Clan on the set of the UK Daily Mail TV, where they opened up about their family's trauma, and how they are using it to move on in their music and performance

It was telling that the family should turn to performance in the face of trauma. Now the brothers and sisters are using their music to express what has long been hidden.  The result has been an outpouring that forms the basis of a new album, which is effectively 'an emotional diary.'  Each has played a part in writing the material as each has found their voice

Now, The Willis Clan has risen like a Phoenix from the ashes and are prepared to - once again - take the world by storm.  The Strand is proud to be a part of their journey, and is looking forward to an energetic and inspired concert on its intimate stage.  

Sunday ONLY!  October 7
Two Shows at 3:00 pm & 7:00 pm